Cantilever gates

The Gate Opening Systems ‘Cantilever Sliding Gate’ range is an efficient and fast operating method in controlling vehicle passage. The Cantilever sliding gate system utilises the principles of counterbalance to provide an efficient and smooth operating platform eliminating the need for ground tracks or overhead rails.


In each application, the suited gate system is bolted to an engineered concrete foundation which provides the required counterweight for the gate.  Cantilever gates are generally used for industrial and commercial applications where high traffic and heavy vehicle access are common. Cantilever Gates are highly secure since they cannot be lifted or moved away from the motor gearing system and are also suitable to span across uneven, unsealed or bitumen roadways.


The Gate Opening Systems cantilever gate caters for a variety of motors and controllers to suit duty cycle, speed of operation and access requirements. The cantilever system can accommodate a clear opening of up to a maximum of 13 metres and are available in a variety of finishes.

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Gate Type

  • Cantilever Sliding Gate

Finishes Available

  • Powder coated
  • Galvanised
  • Painted

Additional Options

  • Remote control, keypad or ground loop activation
  • GSM access control – Open gate via phone call or mobile app. Online management of access control and logging of gate operations
  • Safety ground loops and PE cells
  • Flashing alert lights and buzzers.
  • Battery back ups and UPS’s
  • Timers
  • Card reader pedestals
  • Solar options available

Gate Fabrication

  • Experienced qualified welders and boilermakers make each gate in house at our Campbellfield factory.
  • All materials are sourced directly from local suppliers.
  • All steel used for gate manufacture is to Australian standards.

Installation Process

  • A project manager is assigned to each project and will attend site consistently to ensure quality performance and scheduled completion.
  • Upon request, we can arrange experienced contractors to complete all civil and concrete works
  • Conduit and concrete plans sent, upon request.
  • Qualified Gate Opening Systems electricians complete all motor installations.